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About me

Not like your usual musical icon, award winning performer or America’s Next Idol, authentic producer Shawn Track hails from Montreal, Canada. He is originally from Africa. At the tender age of five, Shawn eventually moved to Paris with goals and aspirations that would change his life forever.


With influence from the U.S., Shawn, aka Nars, believed that he could totally evolve his “French Hip Hop” sound. A sound that would become more westernized and appeal to both the U.S. and the French. Besides the country’s influential power, Nars Esco is inspired by some of America’s “Hip Hop’s Best” such as Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, RZA, DJ Premiere and The Alchemist. Nars Esco is not simply a beat maker anymore, he is a producer that knows how to construct a song from A to Z, make it have emotion and futuristic quality. Nars Esco is different from what you would expect from a "French rapper". The difference between his beats and the artists he works with has exceeded foreign limitations.


After understanding the need to work with U.S. and UK artists, Shawn felt the want to move on to further his career. Now as a mega producer in the UK (London), Shawn became more business savvy and established his own marketing company.  In 2005, Shawn built his own branding empire, the UK label Trackdealers Records. Under the new Trackdealers umbrella, Shawn had the pleasure of working with UK artists such as Jazz, DollarAfri Hillow and launched the career of Rickwel. Fortunately Trackdealers has produced music that is well appreciated, which is exactly how Shawn wanted his new style of music to reflect. Similar to the culture change in Shawn’s life was exhibited in him changing his name , and officially today he is the international producer Nars "Shawn Track".


With constant travels between the U.S., UK and Canada, where he now resides, he felt the pressure more than ever. Specifically in the U.S., “Trackdealers know the work will be very hard, because there are a lot of other talented beat makers in the U.S. and most of them that are familiar with you or your company doesn’t trust people coming from other countries [seas].” However, Shawn made a way to utilize guerilla marketing to its full advantage and attracted several rappers from New York City. After creating such a big buzz, he caught the ear of DJ Headstrong, who was BBC Radio 1 Show most popular DJ and host. With the approval of Headstrong, he then passed on one of Shawn’s (Trackdealers) beats to G-Unit’s newest edition, Mobb Deep, and has won over Hip Hop’s music scene with the beat and song collaboration titled “Bullshit”. The story goes on...


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